• Why choose me as your online math tutor? +

    Just like in my personal life, I work with perseverance, dedication and commitment. I do not like doing this in half-measures. I believe in doing the best to help your child get the desired results to progress in life. I look forward to admiration from the people I work with and pride on my success, because I am an integral part of it.

    Choosing me for online math tutoring will help form a proper education for your child ( It will not just help him be better organized and prepared, but also take the right decisions at the right time).

    Your child will learn to see things in the right perspective and progress in the right direction towards solving problems and arriving at the right solutions. Your child will learn to think rationally and keep emotions in check. He will also learn to take a calculated approach to various tasks at hand.

    In order to learn more about a child` s behaviour and learning patterns, I have taken up psychology courses such as NLP trainings. This has helped me understand the behaviour, words and gestures of children better and channelize it in the right direction to help him learn better. This also helps me adapt to the child` s behaviour with ease since it is an integral part of the NLP program I undertook to become a better teacher.

  • About me and my vision about life +

    It is important for you to know more about me as a person since the task of the math teacher is not just limited to helping your child resolving problems in the book, but also to coach them to be better people of tomorrow. The teacher should have a positive influence on the child even if they work with them for just 2 - 4 hours every week.

    As I grew up, I began to discover my goals, my purpose, my ideals in life which it today helping me shape the lives of many children. I did make plenty of mistakes along the way and I learnt from each of them. I learnt not to repeat them and eventually I grew up to be a better person. I learnt to avoid the negative energy of people in the form of words, actions or thoughts hold me back in any way. This has helped me strengthen my character, discover what I want in life and achieve it through hard work and dedication, without giving up the fight.

    Though I was not led by principles when I was a child, today I am a person who works by certain principles that I am not willing to compromise on. I have understood that if there is something one has to achieve in life, they can only do it if they put their heart and soul into it without giving it up.

    I learnt that just trying is not enough, you have to PUSH yourself to achieve your desires and goals. It is not enough to just make plans, it is important to EXECUTE them.

    I do not regret the mistakes that I committed along the way because they help me grow up to be a person of strong character and principles.

    I have not wasted time in life, just gained something every moment. I have learned to appreciate people for what they are and help them achieve their goals in life. I teach them to also be a better person by imparting certain personality development skills. I have learned that even "bad" people have positive intentions that they convey through certain actions. I learnt that hating somebody because they did something wrong at some point in life is not worth anything and is just a waste of time. I have learned that one should not be ashamed of oneself just because they think differently from the way to society thinks and functions. If you have a certain personality, you should be proud of it and learn to accept it. Stick to your thinking and keep your verticality.

  • What I look forward to? +

    I look forward to honesty and respect from my students. I will not take online math tutoring for clients who want to be the master of the teaching process. I look forward to the expected payback because I deliver what I promise to perfection. I will not be able to coach students if either they or their parents do not encourage open communication between students and parents.

    So, what is my vision about the relation between parent, tutor and child? A strong relation. It is important to first establish credibility between the parents, students and the tutor. Despite working hard at helping children achieve desired results, a number of parents have not been very appreciative all the time, which is slightly disappointing.

    I would like to erase any doubts about my seriousness about online math tutoring. In order to prove my credentials, ability and the fact that I AM SERIOUS ABOUT WHAT I DO, I have placed the details of my credential, theorems I have formulated and afterschool support for you to understand more about my capabilities.

    It is important to remember that seriousness is the key to success. It is only with hard work, perseverance, dedication, self confidence and trust, you can achieve whatever you want to in life, and not just in Math!

  • How do I work? +

    First lesson (the free one): I will conduct a 2 hours recap of the 1-4 years school subject, analyze the student' s gaps, provide parents with the baseline analysis details and the approach I will take to help the student improve.

    The regular lessons: I will help the students with the following (in the same order) - definitions, properties, (many of them with proves for him to begin working on his analytical mind and think logically) theorems, exercises across different levels from the basics (because in order to understand the theory and to apply it correctly he needs to be very clear of each math concept or principle) to advanced level, gradually raising the level with his understanding.

    After each long calculus session, I will do a short recap of the entire exercise for him not to get lost in the details and stay focused on the main thing, which is the purpose of the exercise, I will teach him to do short recaps of the subject, if we are dealing with long calculus exercises.

    After each session (or at least most of the sessions) I will do short test papers with the last lessons topics, or at least I will include in the exercise we solve together at the moment, some of the properties proven previously. For example: if last week we worked on order of operations, and today we work first degree equation with one variable, after a thorough understanding of this last concept, I will give him exercises with equations, using order of operations.

    While tutoring, I pay close attention to the child's behavior, feedback, if he has understood my explanations clearly (the NLP course taught me how to read someone, their feelings and reactions through body language, gestures, tone of the voice) and that thing helps a lot, I do not trust if he says “yes, I understood”. I will check right away if I am not sure by the body language (you can control your words, but not the body language), and provide him with a similar exercise and ensure that he truly understood my explanations.

    I will do my best to make him learn and pay more attention to math principles, rather than on calculus. Calculus is just an intermediary thing, not the purpose. Also, I will do my best to provide him with math algorithms in easy and small steps with very easy examples for better understanding.

    The homework I ask for will be not be difficult compared to the work done during the tutoring session, but will be VERY similar to the content we did during the session. Therefore, the student will have patterns to guide, to watch and to apply. It is easier to do homework when there are so many similarities between the exercises for homework and the ones during the session. This will also ensure better retention of math concepts and principles.

    I will not forget those types of exercises, ones that have nothing to do with patterns but more with creativity and the moment of inspiration which offers a strategy plan to solve a more logical exercise. This is the true essence of mathematics.

    If during my explanations, I see he gets distracted, I will do my best to get him out of that state of mind, I will ease the tensions with some jokes and a few moments of free chat, followed by a short moment of pushing him from the back, showing him he can do it, showing that it is no use to give up, because he will end up giving up too many things easily in life, without fighting too much. I will also share real life examples from my life to help him understand its importance.

    I will help the student understand the need to learn certain concepts so the enthusiasm and energy will stay high at all times. For example: why we need to learn how to calculate the diagonal of the cube? Maybe you have a project in the future, regarding decoration of a room in your house and you do not have the measurements for the whole room, from one corner to another. You only need to calculate one side of that cube, which is easy to measure, and the diagonal is easy defined.

  • Why opt for online math tutoring? +

    If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life it ~ John Louis von Neumann

    Taking up online math tutoring implies progressing in life. Mathematics is not just about numbers, and formulas, it is about improving yourself. Taking up mathematics leads to the formation of an analytical mind and better reasoning which helps you see things in the right perspective. In addition to becoming more organized and attentive to details, you can also take the best decisions and find optimal solutions to your problems.

    Why tutoring?

    Tutoring is not just a luxury or fad, it is a necessity. No one was born wise with the ability to learn math instantaneously. There are times when many students need a small push to excel in this subject. Asking an online math tutor for help is not something to be ashamed of, but taking their help and not appreciating it is.

    If you intend to succeed in your career, taking up online math tutoring is imperative. Do not wait for the eleventh hour to enrol for these tutorials. Math is not a subject that can be learnt in a day or two. The only way to excel in your exams is by taking an organized approach and working on each chapter during extensive tutorial sessions. In addition to the help from the teacher, individual effort is also very important. Practice is the key to success. If you feel you need more help coping with math, do not hesitate to contact me. We can set up an online math tutorial meeting and get started.